Pawprints on My Soul

Today would be Shelby’s 13th birthday. Its hard. We don’t  really celebrate our fur children’s birthdays but they get a ‘happy birthday’ cuddle and a special treat. Today is more a reminder that she isn’t here. 

The tears haven’t really stopped for my girl. I miss her every day. Her second favourite coat (washed) has a special place under my pillow. Her box now has her picture and dedication, and we have her photos hanging on the wall. I dont care what anyone says. A dog is not just a dog. A dog is a special member of our families and an important part of our lives. We love them more then we can explain, and they show us love that is unconditional. I miss her excited barking and her nuttiness. I miss playing ball. Even those days where she would drive me crazy wanting to play when I was busy. I couldnt resist that face. I would drop everything again for her any day. 
Sahara came into our lives because we needed another fur child to love. To give us a new focus.

Sahara is not Shelby and we do not expect her to be. Sahara is a new light. She makes us laugh with her crazy antics. She has given her fur brothers a new lease on life. She is a scallywag and a sweetheart all rolled into one. She follows me everywhere. I have no privacy or personal space. But honestly, I dont mind. There are another set of pawprints on my soul thanks to our RaRa lion. She loves to play, toys, shoes, cardboard…. socks are her favourite… especially brand new ones which we got to replace the ones she destroyed. She tests the limits and my patience but her eyes melt anyone and everyone she meets. 
She comes and plays when I’m doing my physio so I am not on my own. She lays under the table when I’m doing work on the computer. She races me in my chair. When she’s had enough of walking she sits on my lap and goes for a ride. At night she pretty much lays on top of me. 

Some of the things she does reminds me of Shelby. The butt shuffle when shes too excited to sit still. Getting right up in my face and sneak attacks me with a lick. She is my shadow. If I walk away she wants to come. She helps with my desensitisation whether I like it or not. 

Shes quick to learn. We have taught her sit, down, high five, shake, crawl, over and we play which hand is the food in. She loves food. We are constantly working on leave it. 

I am thankful that we found her. We were looking and saw her 2 week photo and a perfect heart shaped nose. We knew she was the one for our family. She has fitted in and I think her big sissy would have loved her. They would have been an unstoppable duo constantly up to mischief. .
Having CRPS has meant that I am on my own a bit being at home. I love the company of our fur children and the bond we have. The craziness that unfolds when they play together and the couple of moments peace I get when they are napping. I don’t know where I would be wothout them. 

#furchildren #dogs #CRPS #complexregionalpainsyndrome #depression #anxiety

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