Find the Rainbow in Failure

We have to pick our battles. It’s easy to say no, I’m not going to do it because I have CRPS. We can’t always miss out on things because of it. If one way doesn’t work, we need to find another.
Constantly missing out is enough to drive you to the depths of dispair. There are some things we cannot do and no matter how hard we try, we continue to be disappointed in what we achieve, or fail entirely.
I’m always saying that we have to focus on the positive, rather then the negative. But sometimes the positive becomes out of reach. Sometimes we need to accept defeat. But really, you have to experience defeat. It’s part what makes us human, not just part of having CRPS or a disability.
Defeat teaches us lessons. It shows us that sometimes we have to continue to try or find another way. We can turn our weaknesses into our strengths. We cannot expect to succeed first time every time. If we did we would become over confident, selfish, self centred and arrogant. Sometimes though, defeat is just plain defeat. We can’t let it constantly burry us. Failing is better then not trying at all. I don’t want to someday be speaking to my grandkids and have to tell them that I didn’t try because I was afraid to fail. What does that teach them?
If we concentrated only on what we couldn’t do, what kind of life would that leave us with? We would be bitter, defeated, deflated. We would be miserable. The problem with adding in depression and anxiety, it focuses on the negative. It tells us that we can’t. That we shouldn’t try. Why try when I’m going to fail? Why bother? But what if you do try and you succeed? It may take more then one attempt but sometimes what seems impossible is actually possible.
Imagine if the Wright brothers had given up on their dream of flight after crashing. What if Alexander Flemming thought that mould in his Petri dish was failure? Or if Kurt Fernley decided that because he couldn’t run, he couldn’t be a gold medal Olympian or win marathons. There are people out there who despise adversity, succeed. They move mountains! They are the people we should look to. They don’t have to be a sports star, or an inventor to inspire you. Just because they are succeeding doesn’t mean at one time they didn’t fail. The difference is they chose to keep trying.
We have to continue to try, even when our body and mind fail us. We have to push the boundaries. Why? To show ourselves that we are capable. That we can. Looking only at the storm, we forget that the sun will come out. That there will be a rainbow across the skies. There is beauty in failure. We are all human. Find what drives you. Find what inspires you.

#CRPS #complexregionalpainsyndrome #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #breakthestigma

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