Be a Unicorn


It’s really nice to do something for yourself occasionally. It’s not easy to be able to go and do things you want because of the pain consequences. But it is so important for our mental health, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.
We try so hard to protect our loved ones from what we feel and how we are feeling. We concentrate so hard on this that sometimes we forget to look after ourselves. We put ourselves last, when really we should be a lot higher up the order.
We need to make time to look after ourselves. Do things that we enjoy. Pain stops us A LOT. Anxiety talks us out of doing things. It doesn’t have to be something big like going out. It could be as simple as making time for meditation or relaxation, to read a book or watch a movie.
Sometimes I just like to be at home. I like the freedom to do what I need to do. I like to spend time with my fur and feathered children. Sometimes I just don’t feel like people-ing. Instead I do my physio and boxing. I bake and decorate cakes. I hobble along our paths and dead head the roses. I listen to the magpies and roaellas going crazy in the trees, and my peachface having great conversations with them. I listen to my favourite music whilst I’m doing what I need to do. If I just can’t, I still try and do what I need to do. I will snuggle on the couch with my fur kids. I do what I need to do in that moment to cope.
In the beginning, after in was first diagnosed, I decided to add a little pink underneath my hair. It escalated from there. My hair is now a rainbow of colours like a unicorn. We call it my happy hair. It feels so nice to have freshly clensed and coloured hair. It gives me something that I like about myself to focus on, rather then constantly picking out my flaws. I figure people will either laugh at me or with me when they see my hair. To be honest I don’t care what people really think about it. It makes me happy and that’s what matters. It represents me. The happier side, the crazy side, the bright side.
I’m not saying that it’s easy to do these things. Because it’s not. Pain, anxiety, depression, we have a lot stacked against us. We need to realise that we are important too. It’s important to look after ourselves and do something that gives us a little happy in the storm.
#CRPS #complexregionalpainsyndrome #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #breakthestigma #beaunicorn #happyhair

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