The What, Why and Who

What am I doing? To be honest I have absolutely no idea! I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, but the fear of the unknown is overwhelming. I’m sure a lot of you know where I am coming from!

So the why. The why is because there is so much stigma surrounding chronic pain and mental health. People think it is something that we should be ashamed of. I thought that to! But it is not. We shouldn’t hide in the shadows. We need to bring awareness to these conditions and support those who are suffering. So I’m making a start. The real why is why not?

Now for the personal part. I had an accident almost 6 years ago. What was thought to be straight forward ended up turning into something very complex. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right foot. CRPS is a neuropathic nerve disorder which is one of the most painful conditions recorded on the McGil pain scale. Developing CRPS also lead to me struggling with my mental health. I have anxiety and depression as a result of what has happened. I’m hoping that by sharing my story, I can help even one person.

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