What I know So Far

If people could use just one word to describe me, I would like that word to be “determined”. I am nothing, but if not determined. That is what keeps me going. It is the fuel that drives the fire in my belly. I have CRPS. I know that. I have had to accept that. But […]

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Not the Same Boat

Depression and anxity can affect anyone at any time. It doesnt discriminate. It can effect you, your friends, your family.  Its hard to understand what someone is going through, unless you have been there. But then you cannot fully comprehend because everyone is different.  Everyone has their own darkness. Their own demons. The storm rages […]

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Pawprints on My Soul

Today would be Shelby’s 13th birthday. Its hard. We don’t  really celebrate our fur children’s birthdays but they get a ‘happy birthday’ cuddle and a special treat. Today is more a reminder that she isn’t here.  The tears haven’t really stopped for my girl. I miss her every day. Her second favourite coat (washed) has […]

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I remember when we first met our beautiful fur baby girl. She was tiny. She had a stripe right down the middle of her head. I knew she was the puppy for us, even before she opened her eyes. We spent time with her almost every week, right up until the day we brought her […]

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Truth Isn’t Always In Pictures

It’s amazing what you can get across in a photo, but even more amazing what you can hide. A smile can disguise sadness, sunglasses can hide the pain and torment in your eyes. A picture tells a thousand words… but not always the truth. I deliberately take photos of my head and hide the rest […]

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Piece of Cake

I really wanted to retrain myself as a counsellor after my accident. Everyone told me it was the perfect role for me as I had the right traits. I enrolled into the course and started off on a high. I soon learnt that having CRPS meant that I had to work a lot harder then […]

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