Knowledge Creates Understanding

This month is NERVEmber. A month dedicated to raising awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The more people that are aware of CRPS the better. The more understanding we can create in the medical and non-medical worlds would be amazing. When you think of hell, you think of fire and brimstone. CRPS is like living […]

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Identity Crisis

How do you keep your identity when you feel like you have lost part of yourself? How do you not become your illness? I do not want to become known as the lady with CRPS or that lady with the weird leg. I want to be known as me. I want people to be able […]

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Roots and All

Today is ‘r u ok?’ day. Its the day where people are encouraged to ask others how they are and hopefully give them the help they need to prevent suicide. It’s the day where people will share r u ok memes on Facebook and Instagram. Where they will tweet ‘r u ok?’ Some will do […]

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Spoons of Chocolate

Boom and bust. Something I am extremely good at, but not something I am proud of. When I am having a good day I go a little overboard…Ok, I stand on the diving board and do a triple backflip, corkscrew, tuck, pike, everything. In terms of spoons, I grab as many as I can and […]

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I Am A Tree

I’m a liar. I tell a lie every day. I dont like it, but I think its so much easier then telling the truth. ‘I’m fine’. ‘I’m good’. ‘I’m ok’. All lies. ‘Yeah not bad’. Lie. ‘Could be worse’. Well not completely a lie but not completely the truth either. If I was Pinocchio I […]

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